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  • Control IR equipment via local network or anywhere in the world via internet
  • Built in receiver or external receiver for IR learning
  • Supports DHCP for easy set up
  • Support for DDNS for non-static IP addresses

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Brand: Keene Electronics

The Keene IR Anywhere system enables IR commands to be sent via local network or internet!

These modules will receive an IR command, convert it to packet data and send that data to a predetermined IP address (usually another IR Anywhere module). The receiving module will then decode the data and re-transmit the IR as originally received. The IR Anywhere modules are physically identical and can be software configured as either a receiver, a target, or stand alone operation. They will operate via LAN, and also via WAN assuming firewall and routers are correctly configured.

They are supplied either singly or as a pair of modules. Once correctly configured, one target can receive signals from multiple receivers. The target can be either an IR Anywhere module or the IR Commander Matrix.

The IR Anywhere modules are compatible with the 36 ~ 40K IR signals used by the vast majority of domestic AV equipment. A wide band IR receiver can also be used to extend the range to 20KHz ~ 120KHz if required.

The IR inputs and outputs are fully compatible with the existing Keene IR Distribution range so other styles of receivers and emitter wands can easily be incorporated.

Control IR equipment via local network or anywhere in the world via internet

Can be combined with IR distribution system for large installations

One-to-one or many-to-one control

Built in Dynamic DNS support

DHCP plug and play for LAN

Can be used as a receiver for the IR Commander Matrix

** UPDATE JUNE 2012 - CONTROL4 drivers are now available from Extra Vegetables (Note - will open in new window)

Kit contents:

2 x KIRA units
2 x KT9 UK power supply
1 x IRUW Universal IR emitter wands

Please note that the modules are NOT compatible with IRDA based code please contact us if unsure.

You can download the shortform instruction manual here (Acrobat pdf file)

You can access the full instruction manual as a web page
(note - will open in a new window)

Other apps and 3rd party software
The Keene KIRA systems can be used with a wide range of other applications including Demopad, please follow the link to see the current list.

(note - will open in a new window)

We are please to announce a "lite" version of the incredibly powerful Demopad software (iphone / ipad) that can be used free of charge. please follow this link to obtain the software: Demopad software (note - will open in a new window) and please follow the Demopad lite instructions here. (Acrobat pdf file)

The following zip file contains:
Latest firmware (v.1.88)
Latest Java Utility program (release July 2014)
API details

This order code is for a pair of modules. If you would like a single module please see order code KIRAM

And controlling extra devices is no problem as the KIRA's single IR output can be increased by adding an IRBKIT IR distribution amplifier kit which gives up to five IR outputs (although you will also need a few extra IR emitters as well if you want to make use of all of the outputs). The IRBKIT is easy to connect to the KIRA, just use our KLDE6M jack cable (this is wired differently to a standard jack cable!) and you can have full control of all of your devices at the touch of a button.

This item is supplied with a UK 3 pin PSU 230v input.
For use in other countries please order optional code KIRAW for universal 110-240v input

KEENE IR ANYWHERE IR OVER IP MODULES (PAIR): 5 stars out of 5 based on 6 user reviews.

Paul 30 Jul 2011
5 star

Initial setup took a little while, this was due to changing the unit address, which were on the 192.168.1. address. It's not a sensible idea to leave your network on this address because this will be the first address that will be looked for if a hacker gets beyond your firewall. The units do not report any problems if their address is the same as any other managed network equipment, so be careful when addressing your equipment. Other than the initial setup these units are a breeze. Remember if you are using this equipment with Virgin kit you will need a wide band receiver, which in my case I would have put in place just for aesthetic quality(our standard receiver controls Virgin, (Edit- We really don't recommend using a wideband unless specifically required, please contact us if unsure-Keene Sales) A good feature to have on the software side would be a way of confirming that the units are talking to each other, though this is covered by counting LED blink, if the units are not in view this is a hassle. Overall a brilliant piece of equipment.

Steve B 05 Jul 2011
5 star

Excellent products. Currently running 4 units, 3 as IR receivers next to TVs and 1 as a sender at a central hub, Using these with original OEM remotes for 2 different units as well as DemoPad on the iPad. Great system with great potential to be used in thousands of different ways!

Richard M 26 Apr 2011
5 star

I bought these modules to work with the Touch - IR software and must say that they work really well together. The price is more competitive when compared to other similar products and if you have a technical issue there is somebody who can help at the end of the phone. The added pronto code converter is a real help when downloading discrete codes which are freely available on the internet. Once set-up the system does not require a PC to be running.

Keene 11 Jan 2010
5 star

There is an independent review on here

Adam 06 Sep 2009
5 star

After abit of trouble shooting and a software upgrade of IRanywhere this thing works like a dream now. Keene were superb in their assistance when a I encoutered some minor difficulties. Others may well not have the subtle problems I had of needing more IR power so will suit their need 1st time. In my opinion this works better is more versatile than the usb UIRTs Fantastic product 5 stars all the way

Melloware 07 May 2009
5 star

What I really like about the KIRA is that it just sits anywhere on your LAN and blasts and receives using UDP Packets. Unlike the USB-UIRT which has a limit on how long a USB cable can be from the PC, the KIRA can literally be anywhere in your house as long as its plugged into an Ethernet jack. That way if you have your whole HTPC hidden in a closet the KIRA can be in the TV room with the AV equip.

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Previous Questions

1 Chris on 18 Apr 2012 asked  :
"If there are multiple target modules on the network, can the target be specified in each receiver using the Hostname or can it only be done by IP address? If the latter,then I guess it can only work with static IP addresses, not DHCP-assigned ones, as a reboot will cause problems."

Keene replied: Basically you are correct the Target is specified by IP address not hostname. So if the Target modules are using DHCP there would be a possibility of getting assigned a different name after a power fail or similar. You could let the modules get a DHCP address then switch off DHCP on the modules options web page, and save - that would save the setting with the current IP address but that is a bit naughty as the IP address would be within the DHCP range of addresses. If you want to reach all Targets you can set the last byte of the Target address to 255 and the module will broadcast over the local network. All targets on that network should respond

2 Paul on 20 Jul 2011 asked  :
"Hi, Can an external Ir receivers (Such as the facia receivers in your distribution kits) be plugged into these units instead of having the module on show? Cheers Paul "

Keene replied: Yes you can

3 Peter B on 28 Jun 2011 asked  :
" Are these compatible with Virgin Media V+ box?"

Keene replied: Yes they are.

4 Eleftherios S on 13 Jul 2010 asked  :
" Any knowledge whether this has been successfully used with a Sky receiver and remote??"

Keene replied: It works perfectly with Sky.

5 James L on 21 Apr 2010 asked  :
" I note these modules do not work with IRDA. I want to use them with a recently purchased Sky + HD box. Will this work, or is it IRDA?"

Keene replied: Sky uses IR so it will work.

6 John M on 02 Dec 2009 asked  :
"this may seem trivial .. but .. do you know what the power consumption of the unit is please ? thanks"

Keene replied: Unfortunately anything that has to "drive" a network has to use a certain amount of current. The KIRA modules use about 200mA at 7.5VDC That is 0.2 * 7.5 = 1.5 WATTS

7 Tom M on 07 Sep 2009 asked  :
" If I was to plug in 3 KA109 splitters into the input of the transmitter module would this mean that I effectively had 4 1 per bedroom? Can each transmitter module be individually programmed with the IR codes that I want to use in that room?"

Keene replied: In the KIRA system we tend to use the IR function as part of the description, so the module that receives the InfraRed signal is designated the Receiver and the bit that the Receiver sends the IR information to (ie the bit that emits the IR again) is the Target. You can use a ka203 (we don't recommend the KA109) at the receiver to give you multiple inputs, the modules do not interpret the IR code they just convert to a TCP/IP representation and send to the Target. So all the inputs would be sent to the Target module. You would need to make sure that only one of the IR receivers plugged into the ka203s was active, else you would get garbage out. It might be better to look at the IRCommander Matrix (IRCM) that will do routing based on either which wired input has fired or the IP address of the source Receiver module. It has four output channels so could for example control four Sky boxes Programming... Each KIRA module can store 4 IR codes and these codes are always emitted by the Target module. So if you have 5 Receiver modules and one Target in a system you have a total of 24 stored IR codes. The Matrix can store 128 codes and has a virtual web page remote control that can be accessed by anything that can browse your local network. That could be an iPod touch or mobile phone or PC etc.

8 Lee D on 08 Apr 2009 asked  :
" I need my target to drive four devices. Presumably I need 2 * IRDW to do this, but which sort of 3.5mm splitter do I need? Stereo to 2 * mono? Stereo to 2 * stereo? Mono to 2 * mono? Something else?"

Keene replied: You need the KA203 splitter:-

9 David W on 18 Feb 2009 asked  :
" Is this kit supplied with PSUs and an IR emitter? "

Keene replied: It does come with a pair of PSUs and an IR wand.

10 Chris S on 22 Jan 2009 asked  :
" Can these be used with a pair of Homeplug Lan over mains units?"

Keene replied: Yes the KIRA system will work on any LAN topology. If you want to plug them into the Homeplug unit directly then the Homeplug would need to be MDI/MDIX compatible to detect that they are connected to a device and not a hub. It would be best to set up the Homeplug system using a PC first then connect the KIRA to the units. After that the PC could be shut down / dis-connected

11 JimBo on 08 Jan 2009 asked  :
"Can these units use POE?"

Keene replied: The KIRA does not make use of POE but might do in the future when the price of dedicated voltage regulators and POE control ics come down a bit

12 Scott on 14 Oct 2008 asked  :
" "KEENE IR ANYWHERE IR OVER IP MODULES (PAIR)" Which PSU please? Also I assume can I plug in a small IR receiver which is more discrete? Thanks!"

Keene replied: It must be 7,5V DC at at least 250mA Yes can use our other IR receivers.

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