• Easily add IR remote control to most amplifiers
  • Small discrete size can be easily hidden
  • IR receiver included
  • IR Remote Control included
£59.99 inc Vat £49.99 ex Vat

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (3)

Q: What is the difference between the UK and non-UK models, since i would need to use it in UK and France?

Posted On: 27/03/2011 By: Rodney Pettipher

A: One has a Euro 2 pin PSu the other a UK PSU. If you need to use in the UK and Europe order the VRC and a KT5E.
Q: I need the model that works in North America (Canada). Does it come with the correct power supply (mains adaptor) for Canada? What is the price and shipping costs?

Posted On: 10/01/2011 By: Tony Greenwood

A: We can only offer a UK or European mains supply.
Q: Hello 1) What range (in db) is the att operating at? 2) What is the SN ratio? Cordially Dan

Posted On: 07/07/2010 By: Dan Nordin

A: The VRC is based around a Dallas 1802 audio grade potentiometer ic This has a THD of about 0.002% and a noise figure of -90dB We buffer the output with a TL074 which has similar specification. The attenuation is 64 steps of 1 dB per step. This gives a maximum attenuation of 64dB. It is based on the reference circuit for the ic that Dallas produced, but we have found an error in this circuit. The input is fed into a bridge to make sure that both ends of the resistor ladder are at the same potential. This works well but does mean that the low end of the resistor ladder is off ground by about 1K. This results in attenuation that is not as high as it should be. (lowest volume setting does not achieve - 64dB) We can do a mod that bypasses the resistor for AC signals but it does produce a slightly worse S/N ratio.

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