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KEENE to know how it works... the living room.

Upgrading your living room tech can seem daunting. Endless remote controls, a family who just want everything to work and a room that doesn’t look like a cable version of the tube map.

Here at KEENE we offer a range of nifty tech that can seamlessly integrate into your existing living room. A DIY home cinema, simple solutions to keep all your cables hidden, smart lighting and adapters to connect everything from old dvd players to the latest phones.

DIY Home Cinema - AKA LaserTV

Vividstorm Screen VAVA projector

LaserTV is our flagship product, a fab bit of kit that can turn any lounge into a sports stadium or an immersive cinema experience. LaserTV can be set up in less than 5 mins and put away even quicker. For more info on the specs and how the technology works click here. The Vividstorm screen whilst down is rectangular and needs two people to lift safely, although it isn’t heavy it is pretty long! Once in position you need to plug it in and power it up the screen goes up in a matter of seconds and immediately transforms your living room into a mini multiplex.

The VAVA projector, sits approximately 10cm in front of the screen, it will also need plugging in and powering up. You can then change the settings to get the image straight and central on your screen, it takes into account uneven floors. So long as you place the projector and screen in the same place every time you use the LaserTV you won’t need to perform the configuration again which makes the set up super quick.

Whilst this is by no means a cheap product, when you compare it to a similar size LCD screen it is significantly more cost effective. With the Harman Kardon speakers built into the projector, there is no need for a separate speaker system. Much like a smart tv the usual streaming services are already preloaded and if you want a bluray or other device plugged in the connections are all there. For all options and pricing click here for more information visit

Simple Solutions to make your living room clutter free

If, like most people, you want a tidy living space we have some quick fixes to reduce clutter.

  • The sky box (or other tv box), in order to control this you need to be able to point your remote control to the front of the box, which means it needs to be on show, a cupboard needs to sit with its door open or the device is out on display. The remote control sends an Infra-Red (IR) signal to the IR receiver which is built into the front of the box KEENE Electronics have a range of products that extend this signal so you can keep the door closed and everything tucked away. Click here.
  • The wall mounted TV is a great space saving option and we have a fab range of mounts to make this easy to install click here , however, having a stream of cables running down doesn’t look quite as pretty. Our range of extenders and switcher mean you can have a single cable for all your gaming unit, sky box, and bluray player.
  • Make use of your existing speakers by turning them bluetooth compatible, stream from your phone wirelessly without the need for a specific app, the Marmitek boomboom460 is stylish as well as functional and a simple install for an already mounted speaker set up.

Smart Lighting

Marmitek Glow ME light bulb

Whilst there are many smart bulbs on the market today, our Marmitek Glow range cover all fitting types as well as vintage styles, warm to cool hue settings and multicoloured options. They can add a soft glow to any room or ramp it up to full brightness when the situation calls for it. The Marmitek Glow range works with their purpose built SMART ME app, and this is where it comes into its own, most smart products need an app each, an app for lights an app for security, an app for the doorbell. The SMART ME app works with all Marmitek’s smart products so you can just keep adding to smart gadgets to your home without clogging your phone with lots of different apps. The app can control the time, brightness, switching on and off and yes this means no more running downstairs when you are comfy in bed to check the lights are switched off, you can sleep peacefully!

Nifty Adapters and converters

Living in the age of technology we have seen many changes to how we connect our electronic devices from scart to bluetooth there are 100’s of ways to pair items together. This can be eternally frustrating! You’ve just upgraded your laptop and now you can’t plug into your TV to watch your subscriptions on the big screen. Fear not, we have solutions! USB-C is the newest connection technology and features on most new phones, laptops and tablets, but you probably don’t upgrade your TV as regularly as you do your phone etc or when you visit a hotel and want to plug in your device to their old tech. Here is our full range.

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