Cinema Series - HDMI/Micro HDMI Cable 2.00m


PureLink - Cinema Series. This high-speed micro HDMI cable with Ethernet from the Cinema Series has a high-purity triple-shielded wire technology and 24ct gold plated precision contacts. It meets all the requirements of HDMI 2.0 and supports resolutions up to 4K (2160p) in the best quality. Supports Ethernet Channel and ARC.

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The Latest Generation

The high-quality PureLink HDMI cables of our Cinema series always comply with the latest HDMI specifications - as soon as there are new features or updates, they are immediately implemented by PureLink. This cable complies with the latest HDMI High Speed ​​standard with Ethernet channel, supporting resolutions up to 4K (Ultra HD). In addition, of course, it is backwards compatible with all older HDMI specifications.

HDMI Ethernet Channel and ARC

Benefit from an innovation in the HDMI 1.4 standard! With the Ethernet cable in the HDMI cable, you can integrate IP-based entertainment devices such as TVs, set-top boxes or game consoles into your home network, and also use the Internet or IP-based services without additional cabling. Like the Ethernet channel, the Audio Return Channel (ARC) eliminates an extra cable in the home theatre area. This channel sends the digital audio signal back to your AV receiver via the HDMI cable as needed. This means you no longer need to connect to a separate Toslink cable.

High-Quality Materials and Shielding

A high-purity conductor technology as well as the complete foil shield create the best conditions for a faultless and interference-free signal transmission with this PureLink cable. The precisely fitting plugs are 24 carat gold plated and thus ensure a perfect connection.

Professional Quality

With a PureLink product, you always opt for first-class professional quality. PureLink HDMI cables master the challenge of perfectly transferring images and sounds even at the highest data rates. Our HDMI adapters are optimised to the requirements of HDTV, so no pixel errors are to be feared.

Support for all 3D TV Technologies

TV manufacturers use different technologies to play 3D content via HDMI on the TV. The PureLink HDMI cables in our Cinema series support all currently used 3D TV technologies.

Recommended Use

The CS1200 is ideal for connecting devices with HDMI-A port and HDMI-D enabled devices. For example, you can use it between smartphones, tablets, mobile devices, or other devices with Micro HDMI-D output and an HDMI-A enabled display.

More Information
Weight (kg) 0.075000
Manufacturer Purelink
By Type Micro HDMI Cable
Product Range Cinema Series
Cable Length 2m
Colour Black
Cable I/O Male-to-Male
Supported Video Resolution 4K 60Hz 4:2:0
Supported Audio Formats Dolby Digital Plus 7.1
Warranty 1 year