HDANYWHERE ActiveWire MAX HDMI Cable 20m

HDANYWHERE ActiveWire MAX HDMI Cable 20m

HDANYWHERE Dolby Audio Down-Mixer

HDANYWHERE Dolby Audio Down-Mixer

HDANYWHERE XTND 4K (1x4+1) HDMI over Cat 5e / Cat 6 splitter

The XTND 4K 1x4+1 is a fully HDMI 2.0 compatible HDMI splitter over CAT cable, boasting 18G HDMI interfaces that support the latest 4K HDR video content, and Dolby Atmos surround sound.
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Distribute your favourite HDMI set top box or source device around your home with the XTND 4K (1x4+1) HDMI over Cat 5e / Cat 6 splitter. The XTND 4K (1x4+1) Splitter distributes over a single Cat6 cable to 4 display locations, up to 60 metres away (1080p) with no latency, providing PoE power to the receivers, plus 1 HDMI out for a local display or daisy-chaining with another XTND or HDMI device.

Extend the range of a 4K set top box, like Sky Q silver, to multiple displays over a Cat 6 cable up to 30m in length. Increase the range of a Full HD 1080p set top box, like Virgin TiVo, around your home to displays up to 60m away.

The XTND 4K (1x4+1) splitter supports 'full-fat' Ultra HD 4K, by 'full-fat' we mean the HDMI 2.0 (a/b) 18Gbps max data rate. It is capable of carrying the most premium UHD/4K 60 4:4:4 content, with all current HDR formats (10 & 12-bit), Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and HLG up to 30 metres, over one twisted pair CAT6 cable to each display location, allowing it to work and be compatible with all the latest 4K HDMI devices and TVs.

How to split and extend the range of your 4K or 1080p set top box: 

Your set top box connects to the central XTND hub using a HDMI cable. Each of your TVs is connected to the receiver of the XTND splitter, also using a HDMI cable. A single Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable connects each receiver box to the XTND hub unit back in the central location.

The Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable needs to be installed and terminated by you or a qualified professional, and can be a maximum length of 30m when used with 4K devices, and 60m when used with 1080p devices. Over this single Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable, the XTND 4K (1x4+1) splitter uses Tipping Point Compression (TPC) which enables the transmission of premium UHD/4K 60Hz 4:4:4 content, with all current HDR formats (10 & 12-bit), Dolby Vision®, HDR10 and HLG over a single Cat6 cable, with no human-perceivable difference in video quality.

You can also send two-way IR remote control signals, as well as PoE (power for the display receiver that's situated behind each TV). The XTND receiver then displays the audio and video from your set top box on each of your screens with no lag and no human-perceivable degradation in image quality.

Sold as a complete kit, every box includes: 1 x XTND 1x4+1 Splitter Hub, 4 x XTND PoE receivers, IR transmitters and receivers, 12V power supply, and mounting wings for positioning the receivers behind your TVs.

More Information
Product Brand HDANYWHERE
Info HDMI® 2.0 (a/b) HDCP 2.2 compliant
18Gbps data rate throughout (up to 30m)
Supports all resolutions up to and inc. Ultra HD 4K 60 4:4:4
Supports all current audio formats up to Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X®
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