Marmitek Powermid Additional Infra Red Transmitter Unit only

Marmitek Powermid Additional Infra Red Transmitter Unit only

Marmitek Powermid XL + Extra IR Receiver Unit Deal

Marmitek Powermid XL + Extra IR Receiver Unit Deal

Powermid Classic IR Extender Kit by Ebode PM10C

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Powermid Classic from eBode

This incredibly useful device extends the range of your remote controls. One Powermid converts the infrared signal from your remote into a RF Signal, this signal is then beamed to the other Powermid which converts the RF signal back to infrared to control your devices. Just plug in and use them, an easy five minute installation that allows you to control your infrared devices from all around the house and even outside. Compatible with Sky, Tivo, and almost every TV & HiFi system.

Box contents:
1 x RE10 Receiver plus UK power supply
1 x ST10 Transmitter plus UK power supply

Please Note - this eBode branded system is identical in every respect to the Marmitek Powermid so can be used with additional Marmitek branded transmitters, receivers and eyes if required.

This is a discontinued product, eBode will not manufacture any more PM10Cs and once these have sold through the Marmitek PMID version will be the only option for Wireless IR Extension . Grab yourself a bargain whilst these stocks last!

You can find the Marmitek equivalent of the PM10C here: Marmitek Powermid XL Remote Control Extender Kit.

** Please note this system wirelessly extends your remote control - it does NOT send your AV signal wirelessly. We do have other products that are able to do that - please enquire for details.

More Information
Product Brand Marmitek
Info Range: Up to 100 metres free field, up to 25 metres through walls and ceilings
Identical to the Marmitek Powermid IR Extender Kit
Frequency: 433.92 MHz. IR Reception Range: +/- 6 metres
Dimensions: 75mm x 80mm x 200mm (with antenna extender)
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