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The is the latest addition to the Keene IR Anywhere family. As with other models in the KIRA family, it enables IR commands to be sent via local IP network or internet and additionally has support for RS232 control.

The KIRA RS232 is similar to the KIRA128 except that the jack socket for an external IR receiver has been replaced with an RS232 port. It still has an on-board IR receiver should you need it. In addition to the ability to send stored IR codes when triggered by IP commands it will also send stored IR codes when triggered by Keene defined ASCII commands via RS232.

When used in conjunction with a CTX35 it can also be used to control X10 modules.

The KIRARS232 can function as:
IR to TCP/IP bridge
RS232 to TCP/IP bridge
TCP/IP to RS232 (for the CTX35 X10 bridge)
RS232 to IR (stored codes)
RS232 disabled (function as KIRA128)
Supports baud 2400, 9600, 19200, 57600, 115200

The KIRARS232 can act as an IR receiver, and will convert the received signal to packet data and send that data to a predetermined IP address (usually another IR Anywhere module). The receiving module will then decode the data and re-transmit the IR as originally received. The IR Anywhere modules can be software configured as either a receiver, a target or stand-alone. They will operate via LAN, and also via WAN assuming firewall and routers are correctly configured.

The KIRARS232 is also capable of storing up to 128 IR codes in local memory. These codes can then be accessed and triggered by by any device with web browser capability from local network or internet. For example this image shows an iPhone browsing one the IRCM's internal web pages of stored IR commands

Note, this is a web page and not an "app" and so can be accessed by any smart phone, PDA or other device with web browser capability.

The KIRARS232 can be can be software configured as either a receiver, a target or stand-alone. Once correctly configured, one target can be used as a local IR emitter for multiple remote receivers. The target can be another IR Anywhere (KIRA or KIRA128) or the IR Commander Matrix (IRCM).

Control IR equipment via local network or anywhere in the world via internet

Can be combined with IR distribution system for large installations

One-to-one or many-to-one control

Control X10 modules (via RS232 CTX35 bridge)

Built in Dynamic DNS support

DHCP plug and play for LAN

Can be used as a receiver for the IR Commander Matrix

Control 4 Drivers are now available Control4

Please note that the modules are NOT compatible with IRDA based code please contact us if unsure.

You can access the full instruction manual as a web page
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Other apps and 3rd party software
The Keene KIRA systems can be used with a wide range of other applications including Demopad, please follow the link to see the current list.

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We are please to announce a "lite" version of the incredibly powerful Demopad software (iphone / ipad) that can be used free of charge. please follow this link to obtain the software: Demopad software (note - will open in a new window) and please follow the Demopad lite instructions here. (Acrobat pdf file)

The following zip file contains:
Latest firmware (v.1.81)
Latest Java Utility program (release July 2014)
API details, example Shadowfiles

The IR Anywhere family

This item is supplied with the worldwide 110-240v PSU. It is also available with a UK style 3 pin power supply KIRARS232
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