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Keene IR Anywhere IR Over IP Module (128 Code)


  • Control IR equipment via local network or anywhere in the world via internet
  • You can use Apple/Android remote apps to talk to this device and control your IR kit from your phon
  • 128 memory locations to store IR codes onto the module.
  • Support for DDNS for non-static IP addresses
£74.99 inc Vat £62.49 ex Vat

Customer Reviews (6)

Independent Review.... Review by Hidden Wires
Check out the Hidden Wires review here: (Posted on 10/11/2015)
Independent Review.... Review by The Register
There is an independent review on (Posted on 10/11/2015)
Have used Kira.... Review by Yiannis P
Have used the Kira anywhere and the Kira128. Both fantastic products. I use them mainly for sedning IR commands over the internet to change channels on TV or satellite decoders.

The Kira128 has the advantage that the IR commands can be programmed and so a software remote control can be used on a smartphone or tablet. This is good as the range or direction is not an issue when using a real remote control. I love this product. Virtual remotes can be found from 3rd parties software like demopad which works perfectly with the kira128. There is also a browser version for accessing the commands. Its perfect!

Set up is a lot easier than I thought as once you get familiar with it its an absolute doddle.

I have to say that Keene support is absolutely top notch. They helped me out hugely when I had some minor issues as Im not so computer literate. They were brilliant. (Posted on 21/10/2014)
The kira an.... Review by Yiannis P
The kira is an amazing piece of kit. I use it for sending remote control commands to satellite boxes and TV decoders when I am abroad. One unit is required at each end and of course it gives you the capability to use the original remote control. It truly is a wonderful piece of kit.

Im not the most computer literate person but its quite easy to set up and once you have your head around it takes just minutes to set up.

As for Keene all I can say is its best company I have ever had the pleasure to deal with.

Support is unbelievable, efficient and top quality. The best support I've ever received from any company. When I needed them they went out of their way to help and did solve my issue.

A truly 5-star company!
(Posted on 21/10/2014)
I\'ve had of.... Review by Andy
I\'ve had one of these KIRA128 units for quite some time now, and have been very pleased with it.

My only criticism would be that the user interface of the PC-side setup software could be a bit friendlier, but once it\'s setup it \"Just Works\".

A note, also, on Keene\'s customer service - the first device I received seemed to be faulty, so I sent an email. The following day, I received a telephone call from one of Keene\'s staff who seemed very concerned about the issues I\'d had with the faulty module - and said they\'d send a replacement straight away; the replacement arrived the very next day (along with a pre-paid jiffy to return the original unit) and has worked flawlessy ever since - Top Marks.

Excellent product, backed up by excellent service. (Posted on 21/10/2014)
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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (8)

Q: I am looking to control 2 hifi and satalite systems in different rooms and wanted gto know if i buy 2 of these units and the demopad software will they do the job??

Posted On: 07/12/2010 By: andrew

A: Yes this would be ideal
Q: I have a flat screen on one side of a wall and sat receiver + consoles + DVD-player on the other side. Via a hole in the wall i connect the devices with the screen. About a year ago i purchased a: But branded from a other OEM, and that solution has worked so-so, recently it has gone from bad to worse, and it’s now practically unusable. The wife is upset.. So, im looking to replace it, and the IR Anyware over IP looks promising. Q: if I intend to use it as stand-alone (my iPad as new remote for all the stuff on the non-livingroom-side-of-the-wall – and keep the screen remote). Do I need to get any accessories? (is there some sort of “wand” included in the package?)

Posted On: 02/12/2010 By: Magnus

A: If you intend to use you IPAD then you wouldn't need anything else a wand is included.
Q: I have a question about "KEENE IR ANYWHERE IR OVER IP MODULE (128 CODE)" hello! i'm looking for a way to control 20 satellite receivers over the internet. they are located at a same hotel head-end system and i only need IR control over the internet at almost real time. will this work?

Posted On: 29/06/2010 By: federico ferrer

A: The KIRA128 works by serving a TCP/IP web interface a bit like the set-up page in an ADSL router. You could easily achieve your requirements using KIRA128s as long as you are able to set up the network so that you can browse it from the remote location. An alternative is the IRAnywhere (KIRA) pairs . If you require individual control of each box then you would need a KIRA target module for each box and either a PC as the source sending to 20 possible destination IP addresses OR 20 KIRA receiver modules each of which would control a matching target module. BUT!! It will be difficult to set up the port forwarding at the Hotel end. You would need to forward 20 different UDP ports to 20 different IP addresses. It can be done but does require a certain amount of network knowledge. The IP address and port of the KIRA modules can be static and can be assigned. If you require global control of the boxes. i.e. all do the same thing. then one KIRA pair and an IRBKIT IR distribution amplifier would work fine. This would be easier to set up email me if you need more info about setup etc

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