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Keene IR Commander Matrix


  • Full Matrix Signal Routing - Each IR input can be routed to any combination of IR outputs
  • Six IR output channels
  • Six local IR input channels - Four IR receivers, one onboard IR receiver and one wand input
  • IP addressable - Will accept IR inputs from other KIRA modules, PC's mobiles and tablets.
£169.99 inc Vat £141.66 ex Vat

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (13)

Q: Hello, I am trying to upload an RS232 code to my IRCM, but the current app (V2.5.2) won't let me enter the code in the RS232 window. I can enter it directly into the main window, but when I try to update the IRCM it seems to skip the RS232 entries. Any help uploading the file please.

Posted On: 10/04/2017 By: Robert Kinton

A: The IRCM supports using the RS232 port as an RS232 to TCP bridge. Or you can use the RS232 to trigger an IR command stored in the IRCM. Or it can store RS232 commands into memory BUT these must be in the X10 CTX35 standard. It does NOT support storing general RS232 strings into memory. If this is required use a KiraCC.
Q: hi I'm confused :-) Does the commander matrix accept http commands to control stored IR commands? Or does it just use UDP? Also, your docs say that the latest firmware is always on the product page. I only see a ref to an older version (1.84 when the Java util tells me mine has 1.88) John

Posted On: 22/01/2017 By: John Bennett

A: There is a full API on the UDP data and discovery ports, this is documented in the API doc. But is is also possible to access the stored memory locations using an http 'GET' request. The same way a web browser would do. eg. trigger location 3 on an IRCM on IP address on TCP port 80 send The latest IRCM firmware is 1.84.
Q: Hello. How does this product work with the 3rd party software "touch control"? Does it issue commands/send code over IP or will I have to physically have my USB uirt pointed at a receiver? Thanks

Posted On: 04/03/2012 By: glen

A: The IRCommander Matrix can accept commands from a local network and in response it will emit one of its stored IR codes. You can also upload Ir code to the memory locations or send to it a string that it will immediately emit as IR. This is used for example with a KIRA module in real time IR distribution over a network. There are a growing number of 3rd party applications that can make use of the KIRA or IRCommander Matrix products. An API document is available for those wishing to produce their own software Please email for further info
Q: I notice that the IR commander can only store 128 IR commands. If I purchase the full version of DemoPad, I'm I able to store the codes in the DemoPad software and address more than 128 codes built into the IR Commander? Thanks

Posted On: 23/09/2011 By: Bryan Anderson

A: Yes The full version of demo pad will allow you to send the complete IR code string from the app. You can capture the code string using our java utility, which is a free download off the matrix product page on our web site. (Its part of the zip download)
Q: Is this product compatible with the DemoPad IOS application? The DemoPad website suggests another piece of your equipment that it can work with but wondered if it worked with this also.

Posted On: 04/07/2011 By: Callum Ridley

A: You can add routing to each individual code. If you are referring to the lite version, you can't select which output it comes out of on the app. Only when the code is learnt. The full demopad app would allow you to, but it would take quite a bit of setting up.

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