Keene Electronics Two Output IP Mains Switch With Ping Monitoring

Keene Electronics Two Output IP Mains Switch With Ping Monitoring

Keene IR Distribution Amp Kit (inc IRPMR)

Keene IR Distribution Amp Kit (inc IRPMR)

Keene IR Distribution Amp Kit (inc IRPMRw)

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IR control problems are becoming more common as it is often desirable to hide AV equipment away in cabinets or other rooms, often a distance from the TV or projector. The IRBKIT system makes it easy to relay those important IR signals back to where they are needed.

The IRBKIT system is designed to filter and reject unwanted interference from Plasma & LCD screens to give you dependable, reliable results every single time.

So what do I need?
In a basic set-up you will need an IRBKIT IR distribution amplifier, an IR receiver to point the remote control at, and an IR emitter 'wand' for each device which you would like to control.

How do I pick the components I need?
Dead easy, we've put together some kits to help you!


This page that you are on now shows our IRBKIT IR distribution amplfier with our white panel mount IR receiver. This is ideal if you want to mount the IR receiver flush in the front panel of a cabinet (or any flat surface provided you can drill a 16mm diameter hole in it!) and have only the front 30mm diameter disc of the receiver showing. The receiver is secured in place with a nut on the rear of the unit and makes for a very neat and tidy mounting solution.

The IR receiver cable is about 1.5 metres long and so fine for most local installations. This cable can be easily extended if needed with our range of extension cables, please follow the 'cables and adaptors' link below for our options.

* Please note that if you require more than one IR receiver input then we recommend the IR Pro Kit 4 or the IR Commander

Kit Contents
1 x IRBKIT IR distribution amplifier
1 x PSU with 3 pin UK plug
1 x white panel mount IR receiver
2 x Close range IR emitter wands
1 x Instruction sheet

Technical Specifications
IR inputs: 1
IR outputs: 5 (4 x standard power, 1 x high power)
Power requirement: 12v 500mAh
Weight: 70g
Dimensions of IRBKIT: L 104mm x W 72mm x D 32mm
Dimensions of IR receiver: L 80mm x W 30mm x D 30mm
Dimensions of emitter: L x 15mm x W 8mm x D 6mm.

More kit options
We also offer the IRBKIT with a range of IR receiver options.
With black panel mount receiver
with fascia mount receiver
With Standard receiver

Optional accessories
We offer a wide range of IR receivers and emitter wands, along with cables and adaptors to allow you to extend the range of the system. Rather than bombard you with a mass of info here, please follow the links below to the different ranges of options.
IR receivers
IR emitter wands
Cables and adaptors

Helpful installation info
IR receivers and emitter connection diagrams (Acrobat pdf file)

More Information
Product Brand Keene Electronics
Info Panel mount IR receiver makes for a discrete and stylish finish
Two IR emitter wands included in the kit
Additional IR emitter wands can be purchased separately to expand the system
Plug and plug, very easy to set up and operate
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