Keene IR Low Power Emitter Wand

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Designed to be used in the Standard power outputs of the IRBKIT and IR Commander Matrix.

Range of upto 2 metres.

Can be mounted either in front of the source device to be controlled by means of a small sticky pad.

Dimensions of emitter: L x 18mm x W 12mm x D 15mm

Fitted with a 1.2 metre cable.

Other IR emitter wand options
We have a range of IR emitter wands to accomodate most requirements.
Long range high powered emitter wand with a range of up to ten metres it can control devices located away from the main group, or control a number of devices in an immediate area. (IRBKIT only)
Side firing emitter wand designed to be attached to the front fascia of the device to be controlled.
Close range blinking emitter wand small and discreet, it attaches directly to the fascia of the device to be controlled. Each time an IR signal is emitter the small red LED 'blinks' a confirmation.
Dual blinking emitter wand a twin version of the above and two emitters in one. Ideal where the number of devices to be controlled is larger than the number of emitter wand outputs on the IRBKIT distribution amplifier.

You can also view the IR Receiver and emitter connection diagrams here (Acrobat pdf file)

More Information
Shipping Weight (kg) 0.035000
Manufacturer Keene Electronics
Type IR Transmitter
Product Range Keene IR
Warranty 1 year
Length 1.2m