Keene IR Distribution Amplifier Kit Pro4 Base Model

Keene IR Distribution Amplifier Kit Pro4 Base Model

Keene IR Anywhere Ir Over IP Modules (pair)

Keene IR Anywhere Ir Over IP Modules (pair)

Keene IRBKIT Mini Infrared Extender System Complete Kit With Fascia Mount Receiver USB Power

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The Keene IRBKIT MINI is a compact IR Distribution Amplifier. It allows you to use your remote control on equipment located in positions where your remote wouldnt normally work. For example, equipment placed inside cabinets with closing doors or located on shelves behind you or around a corner. Because of the compact size and lightweight the IRBKIT mini can also be attached to the rear of a wall mounted display. The unit is very flexible, allowing for a number of configurations that will solve most IR control problems.

Key Features:
USB Power Connection.
Compact Size
Dual Outputs
IR Receiver Input

USB Power connection
The power to the USB IR distribution amplifier can be obtained from anything capable of supplying 5V USB power @ 0.5A This can be a PC or Set Top Box or dedicated 5V USB supply, as typically supplied with some mobile phones etc. a UK mains to USB adaptor is also provided.

Compact size
Not much bigger than a box of matches (60mm x 35mm x 20mm) this small, smart, and discreet design means it can be easily hidden behind equipment. The fire retardant ABS box is extremely robust and has flanges that allow the box to be fitted to whatever surface you have available. Attaching it firmly to a surface means that leads stay put, resulting in a tidy installation.

Dual outputs
There are two outputs on this distribution amplifier. Both outputs are capable of driving any of the Keene IR emitters. The total output is electronically limited and short circuit proofed so as not to overload the USB connection. The output is ESD protected.

This kit is supplied with a Fascia Mount IR receiver and a twin IR emitter and is the one to choose if you want to have IR control of devices out of sight behind the display or cabinet. An additional IR emitter can also be added later if required. Includes a mains to USB power supply.

This kit contains:
USB Power Cable
Fascia Mount IR Receiver fitted with a captive 2.5 metre cable
1 x IRBW2 Blinking Wand (twin emitter)
1 x KTUSB UK 3 pin Mains to USB power supply

More Information
Product Brand Keene Electronics
Info Tiny IR repeater which can be mounted easily behind a TV or in a tight space
Can be USB powered from a spare socket or from mains adaptor included
Supplied with a dual IR emitter, another can be added if needed
Tiny Fascia Mount IR Receiver included
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