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KIRAQ Networked IR and RS232 Control for Sky HD and Sky Q Systems


  • Networked Control for SkyHD & SkyQ
  • IR input to direct wired control
  • RS232 input to direct wired control
£109.00 inc Vat £90.83 ex Vat
  • Buy 5 for £72.00 inc Vat each and save 34%

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (11)

Q: Hello, I have the KIRAQ Receiver and Target devices. They were installed at home using the same network and they functioned well without any problems. Now being abroad the receiver which I brought with me has received a different IP address then the one used at home via DHCP ( instead of (home). I would think that the two units will not talk to each other with that change of IP address. The router abroad will not accept the old IP address when I try to change back to that. The question is - what should I do? I would be grateful if you could advise me. Thanks in advance Dan Hoij

Posted On: 12/12/2017 By: Dan Hoij

A: A Kira pair are done as a Receiver / Target but the KiraQ is usually set as a stand alone unit, designed to operate a SKYQ box using TCPIP It is possible to send IR from a Kira Receiver unit to a KiraQ so you can operate the SKY box remotely. In the same way as a Kira pair will operate. So using either a Kira pair (Target and Receiver) as IR extenders or a Kira Receiver to a KiraQ as Target. At the Target location type 'what's my IP' into google make a note of that as the destination IP At the receiver location enter the IP you noted above into the Kira Receiver module's configuration web page as the Target IP address. Also on the options web page clear the check box 'search for Target' The Receiver will now send to the router at the Target address. So at the Target address you would need to set up port forwarding on the router. port forward UDP port 65432 to the IP address of the Target module on that subnet. So if the Target is on port forward UDP port 65432 to The KiraQ will be the Target if you are using a KiraQ. Google your router make and model to find out how to set up port forwarding QED
Q: What RS232 cable would I require to connect the KiraQ to Control4 Ea5 Controller, I beleive there are two types; Serial - Straight Through or Null Mondem?

Posted On: 28/02/2017 By: Douglas Reynolds

A: Yes there are two types of lead it depends if the Control4 box behave as if it was a PC or a terminal. The KiraQ will connect with a straight through lead to a PC. So as RS232 boxes have to connect input to output, if the Contol4 box also connects to a PC with a straight through lead then the Control4 inputs and outputs would be the same as the KiraQ in that case you would need a crossover or null modem lead to connect the KiraQ to the control4. If the control4 connects to a PC with a null modem lead then it is the opposite of a KiraQ and can be connected to a KiraQ with a straight through lead.
Q: Will it work with DemoPad and is there any delay?

Posted On: 27/02/2017 By: Bryan

A: There should be no perceivable delay using a KiraQ. I am not sure how demoPad would address it, the quickest would be to use UDP to send the IR data, but even the RS232 would still come in at under 10 mS per key. (Quicker than a remote control keypress). So pretty quick unless there is some sort of delay in Demopad. Note there is a built in 100mS delay AFTER each send to make scrolling and channel up behave similarly to a remote control.
Q: My customer has a Sky q and a Sky mini in the same location ( AV Cupboard). The Sky Q is split to display on 2 TVs in different locations. So, first question is can I split the IR receiver to have two "magic eyes" one for each TV? Second question is will the Sky Mini also work via a KIRAQ device - assuming I connect it to the router which is also in the AV cupboard? Thanks Andy

Posted On: 26/02/2017 By: Andy Kimberlee

A: You can use a IRPRO4 and connect one of the Pro4 outputs to the KiraQ using a KLDE6M lead. That would allow you up to 4 IR receivers. If the old coax is still in place, you could also use SKY eyes with an RF2IR connected to the KiraQ with a KLDE6M. The SkyQ mini wil work with the KiraQ but it would have a different IP address to the main Sky Q so could not be controlled by the same KiraQ at the same time, a second KiraQ would be preferred.
Q: Can you connect the KIRAQ to the output ports of the IR Commander Matrix to control Sky Q boxes by IP. if so, do you need a KIRtT between the Matrix and the KIRAQ?

Posted On: 25/02/2017 By: Peter Doney

A: Yes you can connect the KIRAQ to an IRCM. You would need a KLDE6M for this or connecting to our kit and a KIRT if connecting to some other kit.

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