Black Modular Blanks Kit

Black Modular Blanks Kit

PureLink PureID Series - VGA + Audio wallplate

PureLink PureID Series - VGA + Audio wallplate

PureLink PureID Series - Audio XLR + RJ11 wallplate

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The ID-WP-MOD-XL wall plate included in the PureID Series is a plate with two different ports: a XLR socket to connect a microphone on the one hand and a RJ11 port on the other. On the back side, spring clips are provided for each to allow for mounting of the wall cables. The plate was developed to equip the mounting frames included in the Pure ID ID-WP Series, where it takes up two sockets because of its width. Like all PureLink wall plates, the ID-WP-MOD-XL guarantees a perfect transmission of the signals. These mounting frames can also integrate telephone and microphone ports!


Front XLR and RJ11 female jacks - Rear Phoenix screw terminals Practical and quick clipping into 2-fold or 5-fold mounting frame (ID-WP-FRAME) Space-saving, clean and easy transmission of XLR/RJ11 signals No distracting cables in the field of vision Especially suitable for professional installations and applications

PureID Series - Easy Tailoring of HDMI Cables

The PureID Series from PureLink is an all-around solution for tailoring individual cables and wall sockets. Pre-tailored HDMI cables and DIY plugs, as well as a modular build of the wall plates comply with the highest demands in the multimedia sector.

The Latest Generation

The high-quality wall plates included in the PureID Wallplate Series support the newest features of all ways of signal transmission - recent developments and updates are immediately being implemented by PureLink. From High Speed HDMI to Cinch, every connection port is being aesthetically integrated.

Modular Build

PureLink's PureID Wallplate Series allow for a perfect integration of media technology through modular wall connection panels, which can be individually equipped with HDMI, VGA, network or other data- and audio-video-ports.

Custom-fit, Durable and Without Losses

The highly precise manufactured and custom-fit 24-carat gold-plated pins guarantee a perfect transmission and permanently lasting functionality.

For Professional Purposes and Installations

All PureID wall plates are manufactured in only the most modern production facilities and are tested 100% before shipping. During the manufacturing process, the ports undergo over ten quality tests, making them the most reliable choice on the market.

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