Marmitek Powermid 300 Xtra IR Transmitter (only)

Marmitek Powermid 300 Xtra IR Transmitter (only)

Marmitek Powermid Xl Remote Control Extender System Refurbished Stock

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Powermid XL Wireless IR Extender Kit *** refurbished Stock ***

Control your TV, VCR, satellite receiver or audio installation from a different place in your house even through walls and floors - using your own remote control. The Receiver picks up the IR from your remote, converts it to radio and beams it to the Transmitter. This then converts the radio signal back into IR to control your devices. Really useful and very easy to set up.

Frequency: 433MHz

*** Please note that this stock is Factory Refurbished. They are customer returns that have been sent back to the manufacturer and repaired and refurbished as required. They will have minor cosmetic marks to the product and or to the packaging. They have been tested and are guaranteed fully working and are covered by a full 12 month warranty the same as a brand new item.***
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