Marmitek Split 618 UHD HDMI 2.0 1x8 Distribution Amplifier Splitter

Marmitek Split 618 UHD HDMI 2.0 1x8 Distribution Amplifier Splitter

PureTools - HDMI Matrix 4x4 incl. Quad-view VideoWall

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PureLink® - PureTools™HDMI Matrix Switcher 4x4 with quad-view. Supports resolutions up to 1080p (1920x1080) and WUXGA (1920x1200), 3D, Deep Colour and HDCP. Controllable via Front Panel, RS232, Ethernet and IR, Inputs: 4x HDMI / Outputs: 4x HDMI. 6 different video modes (Matrix, Quad View, Video Wall, Window, PIP, PAP).

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With the PureTools PT-MA-HD44-QV QuadView Matrix Switcher, up to four HDMI signals can be individually routed to up to four different playback devices, without latency and with scaling - for optimum adaptation to the connected display. Professional installations become so flexible and scalable. With a PureLink Matrix switch, the functions of a splitter, a changeover switch and the respective cross-connect can be used.

Simple, Delay-Free, Space-Saving
The PureTools Series 4x4 HDMI Matrix Switcher PT-MA-HD44-QV provides a flexible and cost-effective solution to simultaneously output HDMI signals with a resolution of up to WUXGA (1920x1200) from any of the four connected HDMI sources to route four different HDMI-enabled input devices. The four possibilities of control via front panel, IR, RS-232 and HID (Human-Interface-Device = mouse + keyboard) offer all kinds of possibilities to arrange the 4 video images. The automatic signal amplification ensures optimum signal level adaptation at different transmission distances. This 4x4 HDMI Matrix Switcher is ideal for use in digital signage applications, in-store streaming and other multimedia applications.

Always the right format
The integrated video scaler offers the function of an automatic image resizing for optimum adaptation to the respective display output format. Controlling with the mouse / keyboard also provides additional control options: 1. Crop (Image Detail) - You can select the image area to be displayed by moving the mouse, 2. Drag & Drop - Easy movement of the 4 windows to be displayed, 3. Zoom - Zoom in and out using the mouse wheel, individually for every window

Picture Modes
With a total of 6 different picture modes you can display video walls with up to 4K resolution (4 displays with 1080p at 1/4 of the total picture = 1 picture with 4K / UltraHD resolution). Other arrangements are also available: matrix mode, picture-in-picture, picture-and-picture, window mode, video wall and quad-view.

Integrated signal amplifier
An integrated input signal amplifier offers the possibility of being able to use the matrix also in a complete system and over greater distances between matrix and output device. Image failures and glitches are a thing of the past - razor-sharp images and clear sound at every exit.

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