ProSpeed Series - HDMI Wireless Extender


The WHD030-V2 is the space-saving version of the WHD100-V2. The sender is an HDMI stick that can easily be transported together with your mobile device and it does not need an external power supply. The receiver of this set is much smaller than the previous version and can be stored more easily. Transmits HDMI video signals up to 10m at 1080p.

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The New Idea Behind the New Products
The further development of the initial product (WHD100) enables PureLink to offer two products for different requirements of customers. The WHD030-V2 with a stick as the sender is a cheaper and more space-saving alternative to the WHD100.

Additional Feature through the Combination of both Models
Connecting the sender-stick of the WHD030-V2 to the HDMI-output of the WHD100-V2 sender, one of the HDMI input signals can be sent to two separate screens or projectors wirelessly. With this technique, all input sources can be wirelessly transmitted to up to two sinks.

No External Power Supply
The WHD030-V2 works without an external power supply and can therefore easily be transported along the mobile device due to its small size. Additionally, you can connect the sender to a USB-port as a power supply, if the energy settings of your mobile device comply with it. This allows for the use of your mobile device at any desired location.

Wall Installation
The product can be installed on the wall to be able to transmit the video signal undetected. The backside of the casing has an integrated tripod socket, so it can also be installed at the back of the screen.

Professional Quality
By purchasing a PureLink product, you always opt for first class professional quality. PureLink HDMI products master the challenge of transferring perfect images and sound even with high data rates. Our HDMI devices are optimised for HDTV demands, so there is no risk of pixel errors.

Downward Compatible
This PureLink HDMI cable is downward compatible with all former HDMI versions. Therefore, you do not have to check which HDMI versions are supported by your devices.

Recommended Use
The WHD030-V2 is perfect to wirelessly connect HDMI-devices with HDMI-A ports, up to a resolution of 1080p. You can, for example, use it between PC, DVD-player, Blu-ray-player, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox360 or Xbox One and LCD-TV, LED-TV, Plasma-TV, beamer or projector.

More Information
Weight (kg) 0.155000
Manufacturer Purelink
By Type Video Extender Kit
Product Range ProSpeed
Distance at Max. Resolution 10m (1080p)
Warranty 1 year
Colour Black
Form Compact
Input Types HDMI
Audio Input Types N/A
Maximum Video Inputs 1
Supported Outputs HDMI
Audio Output Types N/A
Maximum Video Outputs 1
Supported Video Resolution 1080p
Supported Audio Formats Dante
Control Method Button
IR Control 2-Way
Main Power N/A
Multiroom Capable No