PureLink Cinema Series - HDMI Wireless 30m Extender - V2

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CSW110 UK-Version - Wireless HDMI Set 30m incl. UK Power Supply CSW110 UK-Version - The improved edition of the top-selling model "CSW100"! The CSW100 allows you to wirelessly transmit audio- and video-signals with resolutions up to FullHD 1080p and Dolby Digital AC3 over a maximum of 30m, including HDCP and EDID. The sender of the CSW110 is equipped with a HDMI output socket which makes a parallel distribution of the incoming signal to a distanced receiver (e.g. beamer) and a local device (e.g. TV) possible. A splitter to be able to use two screens with the playback device could therefore be omitted. The supplied infrared-extension cord for sender and receiver provide for forwarding the remote control signals, even if the sender is installed behind the screen. The maximum transmission distance of the Wireless-HDMI-Externder CSW110 is 30m in direct sight. NO COMPROMISES IN IMAGE, SOUND AND MULTIMEDIA APPLICATIONS The name Cinema Series lives up to its promises: Enjoy a HDTV cinema experience thanks to the latest HDMI/DVI specifications. Resolutions up to 1920x1200 are guaranteed as well as all known feature of HDMI and DVI. Two Screens with One Transmitter The CSW110 comes with an integrated splitter and therefore provides two mirrored HDMI outputs, so that the same signal can be received on the main and the second screen. Up to 30m in Direct Sight Transmit HDMI-signals up to 1080p (60Hz) and all frame-packing 3D-formats (30Hz) over a maximum distance of 30m - all without a cable and with a hidden installation. The transmission outside of direct sight cannot generally be determined and is dependant on the local surroundings. IR Extension Function The integrated IR extension function allows for the remote control signal to be transmitted from receiver to sender. Both of the two IR-extension cords provide a perfect reachability between remote control, receivers and sender, even with a covered installation. Backwards compatible This PureLink cable is backwards compatible with all former HDMI versions. Therefore, you do not have to check which HDMI versions are supported by your devices. Recommended Use The CSW110 is perfect for wirelessly connecting HDMI devices. You can for example use it between PC, DVD-player, Blu-ray-player, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox360 or Xbox One and LCD-TV, LED-TV, Plasma-TV, beamer or projector.
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