PureTools - 2x2 4K 18Gbps Multiformat HDBT 3.0 KVM Presentation Switcher and Extender Set

PT-PSW-21KVM is a professional 4K presentation switcher set including HDBaseT receiver. With its total of six USB inputs, devices such as KVM, cameras or storage media can be integrated both on the switcher side and on the receiver side.
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PureTools PT-PSW-21KVM 2x2 4K 18G HDBaseT 3.0 KVM Extender Set

PT-PSW-21KVM is a professional 4K presentation switcher set including HDBaseT receiver. With its total of six USB inputs, devices such as KVM, cameras or storage media can be integrated both on the switcher side and on the receiver side. The presentation switcher uses the latest HDBaseT 3.0 protocol and is therefore capable of distributing 4K signals at 18Gbps up to 80 meters. On the input side, an HDMI-A port with coupled USB-B input and a fully featured USB-C v3.2 port including 60W USB Power Delivery and DP Alt-Mode are available. In addition to the HDBaseT output, a mirrored HDMI output is available for local monitoring on the switcher. Both devices, the switcher and the receiver, can extract a balanced audio signal via a 5-pin Phoenix screw terminal. Only one of the two units needs to be supplied with power thanks to bidirectional PoC. Various control functions are available: integrated push buttons and DIP switches on the front of the switcher, removable dry contact switches, RS232 local and pass-through, Ethernet pass-through as well as network integration via TCP/IP.

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The PT-PSW-21KVM 4K HDBaseT Presentation Switcher with Extender Set consists of presentation switcher and receiver. It switches between incoming HDMI and USB-C signals and outputs them via HDBaseT to a receiver or to a local HDMI output on the switcher. The HDBaseT connection complies with the latest HDBaseT 3.0 standard and is established with a conventional Cat. cable (preferably Cat.6a) and transmits 18G signals for 4K resolutions with max. 60Hz at 4:4:4 color subsampling and incl. HDR over up to 80 meters.

On the input side of the switcher, two options are available. The HDMI input is coupled to a USB-B port, which is switched simultaneously with it and thus always couples the control signals with the AV signal. In addition, a full-fledged USB-C connection is available. This supports both the AV connection via DP Alt-Mode as well as the parallel Ethernet and data connection according to USB v3.2 standard and USB Power Delivery with up to 60 Watts of power for simultaneous charging of a connected mobile device.

On the output side of the switcher, an HDBaseT 3.0 output is available for connection to the receiver, as well as an HDMI output for local monitoring. In addition, a balanced audio signal can be de-embedded via a 5-pin Phoenix screw terminal.

The receiver has an HDBaseT 3.0 input for receiving the signal from the switcher, an HDMI output and a balanced audio output using a 5-pin Phoenix connection.

With a total of six connection options for USB devices on the switcher and receiver, many USB peripherals, such as KVM, cameras, microphones or storage media, can be integrated at both locations. Two USB-A v3.2 ports are available on the switcher itself for this purpose. The receiver is equipped with three USB-A and one USB-C input according to USB v2.0 standard.

The latest HDBaseT 3.0 standard enables the long-distance transmission of AV signals with almost no delay and includes 1G Ethernet, USB 2.0 as well as power. With 594MHz frequency, uncompressed AV signals according to HDMI 2.0 standard with up to 4K@60Hz resolution and HDCP 2.2 encryption are transmitted up to 80 meters over just one cable.

Both units have a pass-through Ethernet port so that an internet signal only needs to be connected at one point to be picked up at all locations.

A TCP/IP port is available on the switcher for network integration, allowing the set to be configured remotely via the local network.

Both units also feature a USB firmware update port for easy software updates.

The set is equipped with two RS232 interfaces. The switcher itself has a local RS232 port as well as an RS232 pass-through port that can be used to control the receiver remotely. On the receiver itself a local RS232 port is provided.

On the front of the switcher are various push buttons and DIP switches for signal configuration. Some of these local control functions, such as input signal switching and black screen, can be remotely controlled via a dry contact switch connection.

The system supports bidirectional PoC (Power over Cat) power supply. This means that only one of the two devices needs to be supplied with power using the included PSU. The other device can be supplied with power via HDBaseT Cat connection. This saves power supply units and tidies things up, thanks to less cabling in one of the two locations.

The 12V power connection of both devices can be locked with a screw terminal.


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