BNC Plug To Bnc Plug Cable 5m

BNC Plug To Bnc Plug Cable 5m

Sterling Gold Optical Toslink To Toslink 1m

Sterling Gold Optical Toslink To Toslink 1m

Single BNC Plug To Plug HD SDI Cable 0.9m C-BM/BM-3

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These cables are constructed of high performance RG-6 cable with75 ohm BNC connectors at each end. They offer outstanding quality, durability,and high performance for any video signal application including HD-SDI signals.

High Quality Connectors - True 75 ohm BNC connectors maintain correct impedance .



Conductor: 18 AWG solid bare copper.

Dielectric: Skin Foam.

Outside Jacket colour: Dark gray w/white lettering.

Outside Jacket: PVC.

Shield: (A) 61% braid aluminium wire 34 AWG.

(B) dual-foil/mylar 25% overlap rate.


Center Conductor: 0.0403 inches, 1.02mm.

Dielectric: 0.179 inches, 4.57mm.

Outside Diameter: 0.391 inches, 6.95mm.


Attenuation (dB/100 ft.):
- 0.3 dB @ 1MHz.
- 0.6 dB @ 5 MHz.
- 0.8 dB @ 10 MHz.
- 1.6 dB @ 50MHz.
- 2.0 dB @ 100MHz.
- 2.8 dB @ 180 MHz.
- 4.4 dB @ 400 MHz.
- 5.7 dB @ 750 MHz.
- 6.7 dB @ 1000 MHz.

Capacitance: 16.1pF per foot, 53.1pF per metre.

DC Resistance: 6.6Ohm per 1000ft, 21.8Ohm per km.

Impedance: 75Ohm

Temperature: - 4 to 167 Fahrenheit, - 20 to 75 Celsius.

Velocity of Propogation: 82%.


RoHS: Compliant in accordance with European directive


UL: CL2.

Length: 0.9M

Also available in the following lengths:

0.9M SBB802
1.8M SBB803
3.0M SBB804
4.6M SBB805
7.6M SBB806
10.6M SBB807
15.2M SBB808
22.9M SBB809
30.5M SBB810
45.7M SBB811
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Product Brand Other
Info Single BNC plug to single BNC plug
0.9 metre length
Ideal for HD SDI applications
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