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Welcome to KEENE - purveyors of AV essentials and smart home techwares.

35-years on, and KEENE is still the place where home entertainment meets interior design, except KEENE branded products now sit alongside many others as part of a bigger catalogue of AV solutions.

KEENE stands for exceptional entertainment experiences made possible by devices that discreetly integrate into people’s homes and businesses’ architectural fabric and furniture.

Products supplied by KEENE...

  • Are designed to maximise how we see, hear and feel entertainment in the built environment.
  • Have an unconventional approach to the design and delivery of brilliant home entertainment.
  • Innovate how we can enjoy media in the spaces we occupy.
  • Change the relationship people have with AV technology for the better.

We hope you like the new KEENE techwares experience. If you have any feedback that can help us improve, please let us know via and if we can action your idea we’ll thank you with a money-off voucher.


  • 1988: Keene Electronics formed.

    First and only product is an NP22 battery discharger.

  • 1996: IRBKIT launched.

    Our best selling IR distribution system launched.

  • 2002: SyncBlaster RGB cables launched.

    Expanding in to the world of AV with cabling.

  • 2005: KLAB In-wall Amplifier launched.

    Powerful audio from a small housing.

  • 2009: KIRA – IR over IP system launched.

    First entry into smart home.

  • 2017: KIRAQ for Sky Q.

    Control for Sky Q using IR to IP conversion especially for Sky.

  • 2018: Keene brand and website aquired.

    Keene brand and website acquired by OneAV and re-establishes as KEENE.

  • 2020: LaserTV launched.

    A full home cinema experience with an easy setup perfect for home and small business use.