KEENE was founded as Keene Electronics in Little Eaton, Derbyshire in 1988 by two engineers Mark Fibiger and Alan Quinby.

Keene Electronics initially manufactured camcorder battery chargers before expanding into IR remote control products (which are still popular today).

In the 2000s Keene started to develop a range of amplifiers. Both the original partners had been Audio and HiFi enthusiasts for many years so they brought that experience to the amplifier range. Realising that many people wanted stereo speakers in a room without having to find a shelf for a traditional amplifier they developed a range of in-wall amplifiers that housed all the electronics in a standard sized UK backbox. The KLAB (Keene -line-amp-in-a-box) has evolved from the original analogue into class D digital that gives clean powerful audio from an incredibly small housing. This was when Keene’s passion for home entertainment tech perhaps first met the needs of the interior design-conscious.


  • 1988: Keene Electronics formed.

    First and only product is an NP22 battery discharger.

  • 1996: IRBKIT launched.

    Our best selling IR distribution system launched.

  • 2002: SyncBlaster RGB cables launched.

    Expanding in to the world of AV with cabling.

  • 2005: KLAB In-wall Amplifier launched.

    Powerful audio from a small housing.

  • 2009: KIRA – IR over IP system launched.

    First entry into smart home.

  • 2017: KIRAQ for Sky Q.

    Control for Sky Q using IR to IP conversion especially for Sky.

  • 2018: Keene brand and website aquired.

    Keene brand and website acquired by OneAV and re-establishes as KEENE.