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Proofvision Waterproof TV YouTube screenshot of Joe

OutdoorTV on YouTube

Author: Lianne Pinder

Published: 07/04/21

Our resident expert Joe gives us a full introduction to one of our most popular outdoor TVs

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Proofvision Waterproof TV outside with a dining table in front

KEENE to know how it works... ...outside

Author: Lianne Pinder

Published: 07/04/21

So how can you improve your outside space with tech?

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Laser TV Vividstorm Screen VAVA projector

KEENE to know how it works... your living room

Author: Lianne Pinder

Published: 19/03/21

Upgrading your living room tech can seem daunting. Endless remote controls, a family who just want everything to work and a room that doesn’t look like a cable version of the tube map.

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USB-C Hubs and adapters

KEENE for USB-C Hubs

Author: Joe Wilks

Published: 16/03/21

We all know the feeling of needing a different cable and adapter for every device...

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Winner Best 4K Projector

LaserTV Wins Top Award

Author: LaserTV

Published: 03/03/21

We think that Laser TV is the best way to bring the cinema home, but don’t just take our word for it!

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Welcome to KEENE

Welcome to the new KEENE

Author: Chris Pinder

Published: 27/02/21

Welcome to KEENE - purveyors of AV essentials and smart home techwares...

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