USB-C Hubs and adapters

What is USB-C?

In a world where technology is developing faster than ever and manufacturers are releasing new products what seems like every month, we all know the feeling of needing a different cable and adapter for every device.

However the future looks a lot less like a drawer filled with a tangle of cables and adapters as recently we had the welcome news that Tech giants are going to standardise their ports on portable devices such as phones, tables and laptops from now on with the latest USB-C!

As you start to get your new devices with USB-C you’ll think great news, until you realise you need a USB-C adaptor as all your cables and inputs for your existing devices are not USB-C.... Here at KEENE we have got you covered with a variety of USB-C adaptors and Hubs to ensure you have an adapter to work with all of your USB-C devices and plug into your desired output.

USB-C Hubs are a great way to ensure that you are covered for all scenarios with multiple ports from one USB-C socket. You may have seen these all over online retail stores ranging in price but you have got to ask yourself ‘Is this actually going to perform how I want it to?’. The cheaper USB-C Hubs can do exactly what you want if it is transferring the old document to a USB memory stick, however they are known to have connectivity issues especially when you’re using them to send a lot of information to another device or screen. That’s why we only stock products we would be happy to use ourselves and that is why we have the VAVA 8-in-1 USB-C Hub, it’s variety of ports and high performance means it isn’t going to under perform and it is one of the slickest looking Hub on the market. It is fully compatible with your Apple, Android and Window devices along with many others.

VAVA 8 in 1 USB-C Hub

You can come across the same reliability issues with USB-C single port adaptors where they are fine for plugging in a USB memory stick or sending low quality images to a screen but the moment you ask anything more of the adapter you start to get issues with drop out and general under performance. The Purelink iSeries guarantees you that your adapter will perform exactly how you need it too without dropout, slow transfer rates or general under performance from any of its adaptors. Being universally adaptable with Apple, Android, Windows and other devices means it guarantees performance with any device. There are a range of adaptors meaning you can have an adaptor around the house or office exactly where you need it or they are small enough to put in your laptop bag in case you need them on the move.

Whatever your USB-C adaptor need think KEENE for USB-C!

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