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  1. Cable Kit For Ctx35 To Ircm & KIRA RS232


    £11.99 Price (Inc VAT)
  2. HDMI Coupler/Joiner BLACK
    HDMI Coupler/Joiner BLACK

    This small female-to-female coupler quickly connects two male HDMI cables together—transforming, for example, a 3 metre cable and a 6 metre cable into a 9 metre cable. 

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    £10.00 Price (Inc VAT)
  3. HDMI to Mini HDMI Apdapter
    HDMI to Mini HDMI Apdapter

    This HDMI to HDMI Mini Connector Adapter allows you to convert your current HDMI cables connector to HDMI Mini connector for use with HDMI Mini supported products.

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    £7.99 Price (Inc VAT)
  4. IR Link Cable (2.5mm - 3.5mm Tip & Ground Only) 1.5 Metre


    £7.19 Price (Inc VAT)
  5. DVI to HDMI Adaptor
    DVI to HDMI Adaptor

    Conveniently connect your devices with ease using this DVI Female to HDMI Male Converter

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    £7.99 Price (Inc VAT)
  6. USB to 3.5mm Jack Plug DC Power Cable Centre + 60cm for use with Keene KPS1 Powerswitch


    £5.99 Price (Inc VAT)
  7. RS232 Cable For KIRA Products


    £4.79 Price (Inc VAT)
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