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  1. PureInstall - DVI/HDMI Adapter 0.10m
    PureInstall - DVI/HDMI Adapter 0.10m
    With the PI065 High-Speed HDMI to DVI Port saver, signals can be converted bidirectionally from HDMI-A (socket) to DVI-D (plug) and reverse way. Thanks to this the compatibility of DVI-ready screens is being extended to any source device with HDMI output. The Secure-Lock-System™ and the innovative and highly engineered plug manufacturing offer reliability especially for professional applications and installations.
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    £9.35 Price (Inc VAT)
  2. PureInstall - HDMI/HDMI Power Adapter with USB
    PureInstall - HDMI/HDMI Power Adapter with USB
    This certified HDMI male - female adapter is used to extend HDMI signal connections over longer distances. Using the integrated 50cm USB cable with USB-A plug, the adapter can be supplied with power.
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    £7.80 Price (Inc VAT)
  3. PureInstall - DisplayPort/HDMI Adapter
    PureInstall - DisplayPort/HDMI Adapter

    The PI150 DisplayPort (plug) to HDMI (socket) adapter offers the connection of a DisplayPort source to a usual HDMI cable. It, therefore, extends sources with DisplayPort effectively by an HDMI port to connect to HDMI-ready devices. Please note, this adapter does not work bidirectionally, it cannot be used for HDMI sources to connect to DisplayPort-ready screens.

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    £18.95 Price (Inc VAT)
  4. Cable Kit For Ctx35 To Ircm & KIRA RS232


    £11.99 Price (Inc VAT)
  5. HDMI Coupler/Joiner BLACK
    HDMI Coupler/Joiner BLACK

    This small female-to-female coupler quickly connects two male HDMI cables together—transforming, for example, a 3 metre cable and a 6 metre cable into a 9 metre cable. 

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    £10.00 Price (Inc VAT)
  6. HDMI to Mini HDMI Apdapter
    HDMI to Mini HDMI Apdapter

    This HDMI to HDMI Mini Connector Adapter allows you to convert your current HDMI cables connector to HDMI Mini connector for use with HDMI Mini supported products.

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    £7.99 Price (Inc VAT)
  7. PureAffiliate - Gender Changer D-SUB/D-SUB - silver
    PureAffiliate - Gender Changer D-SUB/D-SUB - silver

    Gender Changer. D-SUB jack (9 pin) to D-SUB jack (9 pin) Color: Silver

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    £2.70 Price (Inc VAT)
  8. PureInstall - HDMI/DVI Adapter
    PureInstall - HDMI/DVI Adapter

    The PI015 adapter allows for a professional conversion of DVI-D (18+1pin) signals to HDMI High Speed signals. The integrated Secure-Lock-System™ multiplies the traction of the connections. Our custom-fit and gold-plated plugs guarantee a long-term and undisturbed connection.

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    £9.47 Price (Inc VAT)
  9. PureInstall - DVI/DVI Adapter 0.10m
    PureInstall - DVI/DVI Adapter 0.10m

    The PI070 Port Saver offers the possibility to connect two DVI-ready devices while immensely reducing the traction on the cable at the socket, due to a very small bending radius. Thanks to its high reliability and the custom-fit, gold-plated plugs, the PI070 is a highly professional and durable product for challenging installations.

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    £9.35 Price (Inc VAT)
  10. IR Link Cable (2.5mm - 3.5mm Tip & Ground Only) 1.5 Metre


    £7.19 Price (Inc VAT)
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