Vividstorm - Floor Rising ALR Screen for Standard Projectors

  • 4K & 8K Ultra HD, HDR ready and 3D Active
  • Ambient Light Rejecting
  • 0.8 Gain
  • Wide viewing angle of 150° 
  • Tab tensioned
  • Portable ALR screen for Long Throw projectors
  • Electric Remote Rising Mechanism 
£999.00 As low as
Lead time 2-21 days (Depending on Screen Type)



The Best Choice for Long Throw Projectors!

The screen is designed for 4K & 8K Ultra HD, HDR Ready and 3D Active so will give you your optimal viewing experience with your chosen Long Throw projector and be suitable for future Long Throw Projector technology,

The screen has 0.8 gain meaning deeper blacks and better colour quality. Images are reproduced without the hot-spotting of other screens that rely on high gain to overcome ambient light. 

With a large viewing cone of 150 degrees, the ALR material is capable of being viewed from off-axis positions. Even if you have watched the screen for a long time, your eyes will not feel tired.

The screen is tab tensioned to guarantee a flat and stable surface for your image to be projected on. This ensures a quality viewing experience and stunning image quality.

This electric floor rising screen is controlled wirelessly by remote control or via it’s USB wireless trigger which is inserted into the projector for an automatic switch when the projector is turned on. A free-standing projector screen is an ideal solution when wall or ceiling installations are impractical for the common roll up projector screen. This makes it perfect for commercial environments, large living and family rooms, and everything in between. 

It is the perfect match for traditional long throw projectors!

More Information
Type Projector Screen
Manufacturer Vividstorm
Product Range Floor Screen