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  1. HDANYWHERE - MZMA Multi Zone Matrix Amplifier (6x4) 55
    HDANYWHERE - MZMA Multi Zone Matrix Amplifier (6x4) 55

    MZMA = Multi Zone Matrix Amplifier offering 8 channels of power in a space-saving 1U amplifier, delivering room-to-room high-quality audio in up to 4-zones. IP-controllable with zone volume control and 3-band EQ, amplification rated at 55W/ch (42W/ch all channels driven) and offering 6 matrixed inputs, including 2 digital aux inputs for streamers or other audio sources.

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    £2,999.00 Price (Inc VAT)
  2. HDANYWHERE - MHUB S (8+8x8) 100
    HDANYWHERE - MHUB S (8+8x8) 100

    For system building from 8 to 32 zones, with 100 metre range at 4K, autodownscaling to 1080, MHUB-S is HDANYWHERE’s solution for larger projects such as premium residential and light commercial, pubs, retail and the like.

    Designed to be super simple to install and setup via the uControl App, featuring full control over all connected source and TV functions, including system-wide sequences such as ‘all on’ or ‘all off’, as well as sequence scheduling as a value-add, free onboard function.

    Product includes 8 x Receivers

    Stacking Cables not included.

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    £4,399.00 Price (Inc VAT)
  3. HDANYWHERE - MHUB U (8x6+2)
    HDANYWHERE - MHUB U (8x6+2)

    Cloud monitorable 8x6+2 HDMI/HDBT+HDMI matrix system with a 40m UHD 4K or 70m 1080p transmission range.

    An integrated IP>IR control processor enables property-wide control of all the connected sources and displays via the free uControl universal remote App or Alexa voice commands.

    Product includes 6 x Receivers

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    £3,199.00 Price (Inc VAT)
  4. HDANYWHERE - MHUB PRO 2.0 (4x4)
    HDANYWHERE - MHUB PRO 2.0 (4x4)

    Designed to address the needs of a contemporary AV install, MHUB PRO 2.0 is fully HDMI 2.0 compatible, equipped with 18G HDMI interfaces and backplane to support Ultra HD 4K/60 (4:4:4) with HDBaseT 2.0 technology to transmit 4K to displays up to 40 metres away over a single Cat6 cable with no latency.

    Product includes 4 x Receivers

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    £3,299.00 Price (Inc VAT)
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