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It is the combination of the screen + projector that equates to the overall performance of any home cinema setup. The Vividstorm S PRO ultra-short-throw (UST), floor-rising ambient light rejecting (ALR) electric tab-tensioned screen is the ultimate companion for any Laser TV system. Vividstorm S PRO features a number of patented technologies that enhances UST laser projector performance, such as it’s patented and exclusive material, which has a unique ‘sawtooth’ structure and light-rejecting filter to give a stunning performance even in high ambient light such as daylight.

Sawtooth microstructure

A special optical serrated structure refracts the angle of light perfectly outwards from the screen from the acute-up ward-angled beam of the UST projector.

Ambient light rejection

The light suppression filter combats unwanted environmental light. With a near-perfect viewing cone of 170 degrees and 0.6 gain, image quality is not hindered even from extreme off-axis positions.

Floor-rising or ceiling mounted tab-tensioned screen

The tab-tensioned design prevents wrinkles, curling or crease to make the curtain surface extremely flat. The operating mechanics use a quiet high-torque electric motor to raise the screen smoothly in a short amount of time. The screen can be triggered by 12v, relay, IR, RF and the height setting is adjustable and stored in the memory.

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